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Recognising what makes me happy

Happiness is…… Filofax week 3

Filofax week 3


Week three; Easter break with my three and not that much to do. We had days out planned and visits to my Mum who is due to have her gall bladder removed this Friday. You can see my muji stamp came; the ink colour is called toffee and is beautifully pale but visible against the black ink. Colour coordination system set up, too, with different highlights for different areas of my life. I use the pens to mark off what I’ve done.

The post-it is, sadly, a bright fluorescent square from Staples, but my cute ones came from Amazon so next week I’m hoping even they will have a smiley effect on me. You can see a slight glare on the right page from my dashboard, where the post-it is stuck and a sticker sits, an instant win from McDonalds Monopoly game for 50 free prints from Snapfish. I will be using that one for sure!


Happiness is…… reading over lunch

Sometimes, just sometimes, the rules of etiquette can be ignored.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the sign of being on holiday is being able to read your book at the lunch table.


Happiness is….. The WI

I have joined a newly formed WI in my local village. Then I got busy. We have a website (to go live soon) an email and I amĀ  considering buying the domain name……
What have I got myself in to?!??

Happiness is….. Filofax week 2


I posted this on AJCC last week, but since making my diaries shine is about making me happy I think it needs to be here.
A week in Ireland. See the checklists of things to do or eat? The green highlighter is my colour code for family social events and what else is a holiday but an extended social occasion? Best activity….. Shooting! I am a good shot. Unusually.

Happiness is….. Irish stew

Even better when it’s eaten in Ireland after a cold, cold walk around the Ulster American Folk Park.


Happiness is…… learning a new skill.

I have never tried to make a video before. I have never had to use Windows Movie Maker or Live…….

Until this week, when I decided to go public on my like for Filofax and to make, and upload, a video to YouTube. I’m on there as MrAngelJem (don’t know why). I will not post the link here, but you can probably find me if you go on a YouTube hunt. I’m absurdly pleased to have made a video that wasn’t absolutely a disaster. Will I make more? Probably.

Happiness is…. A touching Easter service

Liverpool Cathedral had their passion play on over the past three nights. It was lovely, very effective. Going was my daughter’s idea and I’m so glad she made us go. The cathedral space is fantastic for events like this.


Happiness is…… Positive feedback and preferred supply status!

For a local school, where I worked last week. I am now their preferred teacher for supply. What is really bizarre…. That was Key Stage 2 AND Year 6!?! For an eyfs specialist that is sooo bizarre!!

Happiness is…… Easter chicks.

Wishing everybody a Happy Easter. May we all have peace and joy this year.

Easter 2013 017

Happiness is….. Family together

My brother and his wife renewed their vows yesterday and gave us a reason to spend a day with our extended family. Memories are so vital so it makes me happy to have such happy ones for the future!



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