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Happiness is….. International Jazz Hands Day


Today is International Jazz Hands Day. Joining in is easy, all you have to do is put jazz hands at the end of every sentence? (*jazz hands eagerly*) Do it and I defy you not to end up laughing! *jazz hands*  Any money raised can go to Red Nose Day *jazz hands*
And you can visit the physiotherapist with the inevitable wrist ache tomorrow…… One last time-


Happiness is…. a snow day!

My three in the snow Jan 2013

There are few things that cheer the hearts of a teenager more than realising that their school has decided the snow is deep enough to declare a snow day. Putting aside any logistical issues raised by being in two places at once to collect children who may/may not find buses running, I love snow days too. Little days of grace to stop and slow. To look at the bare 2 inches that have caused this hiatus, close all doors, refuse to go out and watch whatever we can find. Oh, but we did go out into the snow first. You have to be really cold to really appreciate the warmth inside.

Happiness is…. Nigel Slater


A morning in a cold room waiting for the gasman to fix my boiler demands a heart warming watch and/or read. I’m a recent convert to Nigel having adored the schmaltzy oh so food pornilicious style of Nigella for years, Darling. But his simple style suits my watching needs. Nothing too complex, an emphasis on try this yourself and a kitchen I admire and (yes) even covet slightly. Watch the programme, read the books one and two. Ignore the waiting polish and duster. Happy me.

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