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Happiness is….. Irish stew

Even better when it’s eaten in Ireland after a cold, cold walk around the Ulster American Folk Park.



Happiness is….. New toys

I am seriously trying to simplify my life. I am cutting back on a lot of stuff and I do keep to a budget. I haven’t bought a lot for a while and I didn’t buy this…


No. This came free with my daughter’s mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse. She needed a phone for going to senior school. She loves her Galaxy Ace Fleur ( go see the dinky floral beautiness!) and I get this.
Now to fill it with all the apps I need to run my life!

Happiness is….. A Kindle

I got a Kindle over 2 years ago and I have never regretted it. Do I miss the look/touch/smell of a real book? No,¬† but then my house is still full enough that I can sniff or stroke to get a fix. The real benefit of the Kindle is that I haven’t got hundreds of those books cluttering up my spaces. That I have 1000 books virtually spread out between my device and the other 3 Kindles and various smartphone and pc apps owned by my fellow readers in the house. That’s 1000 less books in the house. Instant availability and hand friendly size? What’s not to like?


Happiness is…. a pot of good, hot tea

More tea, Vicar?

At times of stress the best thing that I can ever offer anyone is a cup of tea. I love my tea, such a deceptively simple idea. Hot water, leaves and milk or lemon, yet there is such a variety available that it is possible to drink tea for a year almost and have a different type every day. I have three basic sorts, a plain black tea that I drink most such as Tetley’s tea, a warm and spicy chai, usually Twinings, ¬†that I drink as a treat or a pick me up, especially in wintertime when the spiced scents summon up the scent of Christmas and a clear Earl Grey that I like to drink, with proper teacup and saucer and little milk or a slice of lemon on hot days when I need liquid refreshment but want more than water.

My advent calendar this year was a collection of teas, 24 little wrapped parcels of fruit and herbs that made the countdown almost bearable. I have a second box set aside for next year (later this year!) and I love to see what teas are drunk in other countries. There is a lovely vanilla tea that I got in France, a wet and wimpy tea that barely needed milk that I remember from Italy and fruit teas of every sort from Germany, where a good cup of the right sort of tea is better than medicine.

More tea, Vicar?

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