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Happiness is….. a birthday filled with love.

I saw my parents, I saw my friends and I spent the evening with my beautiful family. I know I got the complete Downton Abbey, Les Mis and Abba Let’s Dance as well as a bread maker (for the house) as my presents, but the time with my favourite people is worth so much more to me.

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Happiness is…. enabling a new blogger.

My daughter has posted her first post at Crafty Princess, her very own blog (but adminstrated by me). Very proud bloggy Mummy today!

Mind you, since she is my very own Mini-me and has been since birth, I’m not at all surprised!

Happiness is….. The WI

I have joined a newly formed WI in my local village. Then I got busy. We have a website (to go live soon) an email and I amĀ  considering buying the domain name……
What have I got myself in to?!??

Happiness is….. Family together

My brother and his wife renewed their vows yesterday and gave us a reason to spend a day with our extended family. Memories are so vital so it makes me happy to have such happy ones for the future!



Happiness is…. Birds, Bourneville and Bond

A rare girly night together making simple felt birds (courtesy of the WI) and sucking chocolate whilst enjoying Daniel in a tux…. Or a suit…. Or, hell, he even looks good



Happiness is…… Supernanny

I used to love Supernanny. I’m sure her techniques came in useful for my three although I don’t remember needing a naughty step or chill out zone. I still try the firm authoritative voice out but usually only on the husband….


Happiness is……. Risotto on a cold night

On a Friday ever since the children were small (and I mean 7pm bedtime small) we have had a candlelit dinner together to celebrate being a couple. Very often we have steak, quick and easy to cook so I don’t spend Friday feeling like a servant before I eat but some days I seek out something to make from scratch just because the act of stirring and creating makes me relax. Risotto is the best stirring and soothing dish I know. It forces me to slow down and be in the moment. Meditation in a pan. Buddha would approve.Bacon Risotto

Happiness is….. tinged with sadness.

Today we celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday. We have presents, a homemade card, brownies she made herself andbolognese for tea. Happy Birthday my smiley Princess.


But yesterday I heard that a cousin of mine had died in a biking accident, training for a long distance bike ride to raise money for the cancer nurses that helped his father to pass away in the kindest possible way just last year. He was only 40 and leaves 4 small children. I grieve for a family going through the darkest time and will be even as we party. Life is worth celebrating. RIP Martin Mimnagh.

Happiness is…. Making up

My Mum always said never go to sleep on a quarrel. I argue very infrequently but today I got angry about something work related and took it out on my daughter.
Wrong? Yes I know. But we made up and the brownies will be lovely.

Happiness is…. Lunch with a partner

No photo today, I was too busy eating my homemade brie, bacon and redcurrant jelly sandwich. A Valentines lunch because finding time alone with three children can be hard. Just an hour to celebrate our love.

brie bacon sandwich

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