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Happiness is…. Filofax week 5

Cute cupcakes and pink polka dot this week. It’s the start of the annual teaching job fest, so all of a sudden appointments and to dos are full of schools and work. The transparent dashboard becomes so useful here, with space for more to do (Kate Sutton from Amazon this week) and the inevitable phone numbers to ring for another visit. It will be like this until mid June.



Happiness is ….. Filofax week 4


Back to school for everyone last week. I am using purple highlighting on the date circle to show days I can work and highlight work entries to make them clear. The colour coding has worked well this week as has my muji stamp. Sticky notes from Cath Kidston on Amazon.

Happiness is….. New toys

I am seriously trying to simplify my life. I am cutting back on a lot of stuff and I do keep to a budget. I haven’t bought a lot for a while and I didn’t buy this…


No. This came free with my daughter’s mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse. She needed a phone for going to senior school. She loves her Galaxy Ace Fleur ( go see the dinky floral beautiness!) and I get this.
Now to fill it with all the apps I need to run my life!

Happiness is…. Clearing clutter to create space

This is my attic. My craft attic. My space to keep…  well, everything that is mine and crafty and needs a space. It feels cold today but the attic is not freezing. I need a heater, I need a kettle, it has a table and drawers that will do, for the moment. I have worked all afternoon. I am proud. I am happy.


Happiness is…… organised cupboards

There are very few pleasures of a distinctly domestic kind that can compare with opening a cupboard and thinking ‘Yes, that is one well organised and good-looking cupboard’. Sad, maybe, but still a source of joy to a  domestic whatever (goddess, competent, artist, slut; you choose the moniker)

I have several cupboards in my kitchen that cause this pleasure for me. One is my dried good shelf; see the tins? See the labels? Risotto rice, oatmeal and cous cous all arranged, all lined up. Heart warming.

Red tin storage

The baking cupboard is another. I’m not showing you my shelves; they are lovely, but it is the steel shelves fixed to the door that make me smile. Everything arranged at hand and ready to use. Baking is a dream with these.

Baking cupboard shelves

The red tins came from Matalan years ago but similar may be seen here, while the metal shelves more prosaically are available at Amazon


Happiness is….. menu planning.


Menu Planning

I don’t like not knowing what is for tea. I like having a whole month planned so that I can plan shopping lists and know that on a day when everybody is out or busy we can have a quick meal while the slow, beautifully melting casseroles are prepared for days when I have house clearing to do.

My menu planning can get complicated. I have my recipe box (the red dotty box in the picture) which has prompt cards organised by ingredients such as mince, fish, chicken which I look through to get ideas and begin to sketch out a plan. I record my list on a separate google calendar which syncs across my computer and smartphone. That means I can keep editing and matching meals to activities. Once I’m happy with that I record it in my filofax; it gets written out on my weekly notes page and also written vertically at the side of every day’s entry. I always have the list with me in one form or the other so I can always plan my shopping.

Happiness is….. A red nose

March 15th. We have plans.


Happiness is….. Coffee and a book to think about.

I saved my Costa coffee points up and today was the day I cashed them in.

Christmas was well over a month ago but I am so pleased to say that Costa are still selling their gingerbread lattes. I love them, they just ooze winter charm. And so I cleared out my points total and settled down to read a very interesting book.

Be A Free Range Human; Advice on how to escape the 9 to 5 and still pay the bills…. Mmm. An alternative view of work. One that doesn’t mean a regular 9 to 5, a mobile office base and the chance to do something that you love. Indeed, the book shouts it out loud that you MUST do something that you love. As a supply teacher I don’t have job security anyway and I wonder sometimes if I shouldn’t do other stuff to boost my income. I am going to read this very carefully and seriously think things through…..

Website for the book can be found here;

Happiness is…… Planning ahead

Boy oh boy oh boy. Planning what to do to raise money for Red Nose Day 2013. Top idea; a bake off and bake sale at school. Better get the aprons out and read up on decent recipes.

Happiness is… filling in diaries.

Writing in new diaries; a year of fresh possibilities.

Writing in new diaries; a year of fresh possibilities.

It takes at least 3 forms of calendar or diary to organise my house. Some people manage with one, but I need a wall calendar, a phone app and at least one physical diary to be properly organised. And filling them in makes me smile, especially when I like all three of them for different but all aesthetically pleasing reasons.

My wall calendar is a Mary Engelbreit one; this year it is about taking the first step in a new life to make things happen. How appropriate! Each month has a different wise word and a bright picture that cheers me up first thing in the morning when I see it in my kitchen. I must have had one of her calendars for the past ten years. I keep past ones and always mean to use the pictures in bedrooms and family rooms….

My phone is a Samsung S2. I like it; the calendar app syncs with Google and I have one entry for all my electrical calendars. Easy.

I wish paper calendars were as easy to sync. I know some people can function solely with a phone app. I tried, believe me I tried but I missed the Big Picture; I was even more disorganised and lost track of appointments so I have to have a paper organiser as well.  For me, the best organisers are good to look at and hold. I like adaptability as well, so the ideal is a Filofax organiser. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to organising using Filofax but the creme de la creme is Philofaxy. Love it, just love it but they are such enablers; letting you know when the sales are on and positively encouraging Filo-envy. I love the weekly web round ups when entries about Filofax make the long list that will keep me busy on Saturday morning. This one might even get there! That would be an honour!

I use a pocket Malden to carry with me and I am using my A5 Chameleon to organise my happy little life. For better details go see the real life blog of mine, Angel Jem’s City Cottage. My A5 diary is printed out from a template on the Philofaxy site while the pocket has a cotton cream Filofax own brand; the paper feels nicer and looks better than the plain white. Aesthetically pleasing tools are happy making.

And the simple act of sitting down as near to New Year as possible and filling in the boxes makes me happy. My calendars are quite empty at the moment but I know they soon fill up once school begins again. Once life resumes after the early year breathing space that is these few days after Christmas and before work.

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