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Happiness is….. a birthday filled with love.

I saw my parents, I saw my friends and I spent the evening with my beautiful family. I know I got the complete Downton Abbey, Les Mis and Abba Let’s Dance as well as a bread maker (for the house) as my presents, but the time with my favourite people is worth so much more to me.

Phone clearance April 2013 385


Happiness is….. A lunch grabbed in a day of grace


The wonderful thing about work is you get paid. The drawback is that you lose all your freetime. Today I received a day of grace, an unexpected cancellation. I have organised trips to visit schools, copied pages for my supply filofax and this afternoon I have applications to complete. But for one bright hour I am out alone. I have my lunch, I bought my current favourite magazine and I.am.alone.  Perfect x

Happiness is….. Making a Christmas Video on a wet Sunday.

I can’t share it with you, but I used my 2008 Christmas videos that I freshly downloaded off my video camera to my laptop to make a 37 minute movie; backing music, titles, credits and all! It has taken me about 2 hrs to get it to my satisfaction, but the Princess has watched it and judges it good. I am proud to have completed my first home movie so well. Now only another 5 years worth to cut, edit and splice together. Ho hum.

Happiness is…. enabling a new blogger.

My daughter has posted her first post at Crafty Princess, her very own blog (but adminstrated by me). Very proud bloggy Mummy today!

Mind you, since she is my very own Mini-me and has been since birth, I’m not at all surprised!

Happiness is….. running water

There is a peace and tranquility about gentle water that can make even the most tense person relax. Babbling brooks, gently tumbling mountain streams and even a little water feature in the corner of the ultrasound office just before your first scan with a full bladder can be relaxing. OK not the last one, but water does have a beneficial effect. Tyrone, Ireland has Sloughan Glen, a set of two waterfalls that are babbling, gentle and relaxing. Enjoy.Ireland Easter 2013 037

Happiness is…… learning a new skill.

I have never tried to make a video before. I have never had to use Windows Movie Maker or Live…….

Until this week, when I decided to go public on my like for Filofax and to make, and upload, a video to YouTube. I’m on there as MrAngelJem (don’t know why). I will not post the link here, but you can probably find me if you go on a YouTube hunt. I’m absurdly pleased to have made a video that wasn’t absolutely a disaster. Will I make more? Probably.

Happiness is…. A touching Easter service

Liverpool Cathedral had their passion play on over the past three nights. It was lovely, very effective. Going was my daughter’s idea and I’m so glad she made us go. The cathedral space is fantastic for events like this.


Happiness is…… Positive feedback and preferred supply status!

For a local school, where I worked last week. I am now their preferred teacher for supply. What is really bizarre…. That was Key Stage 2 AND Year 6!?! For an eyfs specialist that is sooo bizarre!!

Happiness is…… Easter chicks.

Wishing everybody a Happy Easter. May we all have peace and joy this year.

Easter 2013 017

Happiness is….. Family together

My brother and his wife renewed their vows yesterday and gave us a reason to spend a day with our extended family. Memories are so vital so it makes me happy to have such happy ones for the future!



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