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Happiness is….. Making a Christmas Video on a wet Sunday.

I can’t share it with you, but I used my 2008 Christmas videos that I freshly downloaded off my video camera to my laptop to make a 37 minute movie; backing music, titles, credits and all! It has taken me about 2 hrs to get it to my satisfaction, but the Princess has watched it and judges it good. I am proud to have completed my first home movie so well. Now only another 5 years worth to cut, edit and splice together. Ho hum.


Happiness is…… learning a new skill.

I have never tried to make a video before. I have never had to use Windows Movie Maker or Live…….

Until this week, when I decided to go public on my like for Filofax and to make, and upload, a video to YouTube. I’m on there as MrAngelJem (don’t know why). I will not post the link here, but you can probably find me if you go on a YouTube hunt. I’m absurdly pleased to have made a video that wasn’t absolutely a disaster. Will I make more? Probably.

Happiness is…. Birds, Bourneville and Bond

A rare girly night together making simple felt birds (courtesy of the WI) and sucking chocolate whilst enjoying Daniel in a tux…. Or a suit…. Or, hell, he even looks good



Happiness is…. Clearing clutter to create space

This is my attic. My craft attic. My space to keep…  well, everything that is mine and crafty and needs a space. It feels cold today but the attic is not freezing. I need a heater, I need a kettle, it has a table and drawers that will do, for the moment. I have worked all afternoon. I am proud. I am happy.


Happiness is……. Risotto on a cold night

On a Friday ever since the children were small (and I mean 7pm bedtime small) we have had a candlelit dinner together to celebrate being a couple. Very often we have steak, quick and easy to cook so I don’t spend Friday feeling like a servant before I eat but some days I seek out something to make from scratch just because the act of stirring and creating makes me relax. Risotto is the best stirring and soothing dish I know. It forces me to slow down and be in the moment. Meditation in a pan. Buddha would approve.Bacon Risotto

Happiness is….. Finishing something a day early

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Day for hearts and flowers, right? So I set myself a task; to make a heart garland for my fireplace. I started last month, got my cotton yarn and crochet hook out and tried. I used a tutorial off Bella Dia…. aren’t they cute? And easy? I should be done in a day, right?

No go.

I can crochet but OMG, I could not get these to look good. Na Ah.

So out came my needles and I worked on the principle that an increase in crochet would equal an increase in knitting. Easy pimps. I’m going to post a pattern over on my everyday blog, Angel Jem’s City Cottage but for now, enjoy the finished thing. See? Candles with hearts on , Yankee Candle and all! Happy Valentine’s Day, if I don’t get chance to say it tomorrow!

Pancakes and Valentines 004


Happiness is….. Pancakes on Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday. Love it. I love the up front honesty of Fat Tuesday. And it’s a lot more understandable than ‘Shrove’, from the word shrieve meaning repentance and forgiveness. Less guilt ridden as well. I try not to do guilt.

Pancakes and Valentines 001

So for Fat Tuesday we have to have pancakes, right? Recipe courtesy of Delia (St Delia) and made in one of my best purchases, a proper pancake pan like this (from Amazon, although mine was from The Kitchen Range in Llandudno; a must visit every time I’m there) and a range of toppings. Most of us eat one at a time, right? My daughter had all four at once on one pancake; one quarter for each.


Lemon and sugar

Local Liverpool Honey (who knew?)

Raspberry jam

She ate, she liked and she wanted more.

Thank God Fat Tuesday is annual and not weekly.

Happiness is….. Finding a new way to do pizza.

Homemade pizza is a regular at our house on a Friday. Today we had a discussion. To pizza or not to pizza? With a split vote for hotdogs/burgers/ pizza I got the sausages for hotdogs….but no buns.
Enter the regular pizz mix, cheese and tomato puree to give…. Sausage calzone. And they ate and they declared it to be Good.


Happiness is…… granny squares

granny square

I spent a pleasant hour or two this morning teaching my Mum how to do an easy granny square. Chain six, treble three, chain three….

My Mum is 71 later this month. She can crochet, or at least she was taught the stitches when she was younger but she always preferred embroidery or dressmaking. Hands that seize up have stopped her from doing anything for a while until she saw this in a shop and bought the first and second editions to refresh her memory. With one needle and one stitch to lose, crochet is a good craft for the elderly… that might be why easy crochet squares are called Granny squares.  I love doing them. They are mindless, repetitive and easy to do while watching TV. And the blankets you make afterwards are really warm and comfortable.

Happiness is….. Crafting with a child.


My natural crafting partner is my daughter who is always open to learning another craft. Her hands are doing the decoupage bowl in the picture above. The triangle of red is my knitting.
I love making things and love a quiet Sunday with nothing on to catch up with some creativity. It calms me and gives me an object of pleasurable pride to look at later.

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