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Happiness is….. A lunch grabbed in a day of grace


The wonderful thing about work is you get paid. The drawback is that you lose all your freetime. Today I received a day of grace, an unexpected cancellation. I have organised trips to visit schools, copied pages for my supply filofax and this afternoon I have applications to complete. But for one bright hour I am out alone. I have my lunch, I bought my current favourite magazine and I.am.alone.  Perfect x


Happiness is….. Making a Christmas Video on a wet Sunday.

I can’t share it with you, but I used my 2008 Christmas videos that I freshly downloaded off my video camera to my laptop to make a 37 minute movie; backing music, titles, credits and all! It has taken me about 2 hrs to get it to my satisfaction, but the Princess has watched it and judges it good. I am proud to have completed my first home movie so well. Now only another 5 years worth to cut, edit and splice together. Ho hum.

Happiness is…. Filofax week 5

Cute cupcakes and pink polka dot this week. It’s the start of the annual teaching job fest, so all of a sudden appointments and to dos are full of schools and work. The transparent dashboard becomes so useful here, with space for more to do (Kate Sutton from Amazon this week) and the inevitable phone numbers to ring for another visit. It will be like this until mid June.


Happiness is …… A mini me

My satchel. My daughter’s satchel. Mine is the mini me on the left from USEL on ebay.co.uk and very nicely made, thank you very much. At half the price of a Cambridge Satchel Company one, I was worried it would be …. cheap? Badly made? Thin and horrible? But I’m pleased to say it is none of those things, it is lovely. The leather is red inside and out, the top stitching seems strong and the 13 inch side holds everything I need for the day and beyond. Love it. Definite recommendation, since it helps the Ulster charity as well.



And the Princess goes to a school with a purple uniform policy in September. Watch this space…. Zatchels had a half price sale on last week and I may (just may) have grabbed her a good deal….

Happiness is ….. Filofax week 4


Back to school for everyone last week. I am using purple highlighting on the date circle to show days I can work and highlight work entries to make them clear. The colour coding has worked well this week as has my muji stamp. Sticky notes from Cath Kidston on Amazon.

Happiness is…… A new desire.

My daughter (who features large in my life) rocks the most adorable school bag. She has a red satchel.

I know the ‘fashionable’ set had satchels all last year, but I am longing for a red satchel without the heavy price tag. I’m hoping to have found a good alternative. Ebay has many second hand Cambridge Satchels or Leather Satchel Company satchels, but all still at a hefty price tag. I am giving these folks a chance. They are based in Ulster, they employ people who, for one reason and another, have trouble getting employment elsewhere and they are marketing their satchels at half the cost of a ‘label’ bag. It should be here next week. Will it be OK? I don’t know, it’s a risk, but it will have to be pretty bad to be half as good.

And can I rock a satchel? Well, before the Princess lusted after it, the red satchel was mine. This is how I looked last time I had one.



Happiness is…. enabling a new blogger.

My daughter has posted her first post at Crafty Princess, her very own blog (but adminstrated by me). Very proud bloggy Mummy today!

Mind you, since she is my very own Mini-me and has been since birth, I’m not at all surprised!

Happiness is….. running water

There is a peace and tranquility about gentle water that can make even the most tense person relax. Babbling brooks, gently tumbling mountain streams and even a little water feature in the corner of the ultrasound office just before your first scan with a full bladder can be relaxing. OK not the last one, but water does have a beneficial effect. Tyrone, Ireland has Sloughan Glen, a set of two waterfalls that are babbling, gentle and relaxing. Enjoy.Ireland Easter 2013 037

Happiness is…… Filofax week 3

Filofax week 3


Week three; Easter break with my three and not that much to do. We had days out planned and visits to my Mum who is due to have her gall bladder removed this Friday. You can see my muji stamp came; the ink colour is called toffee and is beautifully pale but visible against the black ink. Colour coordination system set up, too, with different highlights for different areas of my life. I use the pens to mark off what I’ve done.

The post-it is, sadly, a bright fluorescent square from Staples, but my cute ones came from Amazon so next week I’m hoping even they will have a smiley effect on me. You can see a slight glare on the right page from my dashboard, where the post-it is stuck and a sticker sits, an instant win from McDonalds Monopoly game for 50 free prints from Snapfish. I will be using that one for sure!

Happiness is…… reading over lunch

Sometimes, just sometimes, the rules of etiquette can be ignored.

Sometimes, just sometimes, the sign of being on holiday is being able to read your book at the lunch table.


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