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Happiness is…… learning a new skill.

I have never tried to make a video before. I have never had to use Windows Movie Maker or Live…….

Until this week, when I decided to go public on my like for Filofax and to make, and upload, a video to YouTube. I’m on there as MrAngelJem (don’t know why). I will not post the link here, but you can probably find me if you go on a YouTube hunt. I’m absurdly pleased to have made a video that wasn’t absolutely a disaster. Will I make more? Probably.


Happiness is…. A touching Easter service

Liverpool Cathedral had their passion play on over the past three nights. It was lovely, very effective. Going was my daughter’s idea and I’m so glad she made us go. The cathedral space is fantastic for events like this.


Happiness is…… Positive feedback and preferred supply status!

For a local school, where I worked last week. I am now their preferred teacher for supply. What is really bizarre…. That was Key Stage 2 AND Year 6!?! For an eyfs specialist that is sooo bizarre!!

Happiness is…… Easter chicks.

Wishing everybody a Happy Easter. May we all have peace and joy this year.

Easter 2013 017

Happiness is….. Family together

My brother and his wife renewed their vows yesterday and gave us a reason to spend a day with our extended family. Memories are so vital so it makes me happy to have such happy ones for the future!



Happiness is…. a new blog feed (again!)

Googlereader dies on July 1st!?!!
How did I miss that news? What can I do? I need an RSS reader to make my life easy!
Fear not, I have Feely. It grabbed my Google reader list and transferred it seamlessly across. Now all I need to do is get used to it. Still I have ’til July…


Or not. Finding a workable blog feed can be hard. Feely doesn’t…. feel right. Giving BlogLovin another go. How many months until July?

Happiness is….. A good quote

But luxury has never appealed to me, I like simple things, books, being alone, or with somebody who understands.

Daphne du Maurier

Happiness is…. Birds, Bourneville and Bond

A rare girly night together making simple felt birds (courtesy of the WI) and sucking chocolate whilst enjoying Daniel in a tux…. Or a suit…. Or, hell, he even looks good



Happiness is …. wishing Happy Mothers Day to every woman!

I have a lovely Mum who I am due to take out for coffee and cakes later this week. Much love, Ma and thanks for everything you do forme!
And thanks to the other women who have taught me how to be a mother, by example or in lessons of love.

Happiness is…. The simple things.

Not just the magazine, although I am enjoying reading it with it’s matt paper, eclectic mix of articles and simple collection cover, but an hour to myself. In bed. Alone. With the ubiquitous tea and a good book (Boot Camp) and light household duties ahead of me. With luck and a decent game of football on TV tonight I may even get to play hooky later on…


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