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Happiness is….. New toys

I am seriously trying to simplify my life. I am cutting back on a lot of stuff and I do keep to a budget. I haven’t bought a lot for a while and I didn’t buy this…


No. This came free with my daughter’s mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse. She needed a phone for going to senior school. She loves her Galaxy Ace Fleur ( go see the dinky floral beautiness!) and I get this.
Now to fill it with all the apps I need to run my life!


Happiness is…. Clearing clutter to create space

This is my attic. My craft attic. My space to keep…¬† well, everything that is mine and crafty and needs a space. It feels cold today but the attic is not freezing. I need a heater, I need a kettle, it has a table and drawers that will do, for the moment. I have worked all afternoon. I am proud. I am happy.


Happiness is…… Supernanny

I used to love Supernanny. I’m sure her techniques came in useful for my three although I don’t remember needing a naughty step or chill out zone. I still try the firm authoritative voice out but usually only on the husband….


Happiness is…… organised cupboards

There are very few pleasures of a distinctly domestic kind that can compare with opening a cupboard and thinking ‘Yes, that is one well organised and good-looking cupboard’. Sad, maybe, but still a source of joy to a ¬†domestic whatever (goddess, competent, artist, slut; you choose the moniker)

I have several cupboards in my kitchen that cause this pleasure for me. One is my dried good shelf; see the tins? See the labels? Risotto rice, oatmeal and cous cous all arranged, all lined up. Heart warming.

Red tin storage

The baking cupboard is another. I’m not showing you my shelves; they are lovely, but it is the steel shelves fixed to the door that make me smile. Everything arranged at hand and ready to use. Baking is a dream with these.

Baking cupboard shelves

The red tins came from Matalan years ago but similar may be seen here, while the metal shelves more prosaically are available at Amazon


Happiness is……. Risotto on a cold night

On a Friday ever since the children were small (and I mean 7pm bedtime small) we have had a candlelit dinner together to celebrate being a couple. Very often we have steak, quick and easy to cook so I don’t spend Friday feeling like a servant before I eat but some days I seek out something to make from scratch just because the act of stirring and creating makes me relax. Risotto is the best stirring and soothing dish I know. It forces me to slow down and be in the moment. Meditation in a pan. Buddha would approve.Bacon Risotto

Happiness is….. tinged with sadness.

Today we celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday. We have presents, a homemade card, brownies she made herself andbolognese for tea. Happy Birthday my smiley Princess.


But yesterday I heard that a cousin of mine had died in a biking accident, training for a long distance bike ride to raise money for the cancer nurses that helped his father to pass away in the kindest possible way just last year. He was only 40 and leaves 4 small children. I grieve for a family going through the darkest time and will be even as we party. Life is worth celebrating. RIP Martin Mimnagh.

I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. Nothing else.

Nikos Kazantzakis

Happiness is…… Finding old photographs.


That’s me. Aged 11 and about 6. Both taken in Devon on the farm where we spent a week of our summer holidays every year. Until I was about 11 or 12. I loved it. I loved the whole solid stone of the house, the Famous Five ability to go off after breakfast and only appear for lunch. It had a sloping vegetable garden and beehives behind and the water came cold and perfectly clear from a natural spring. If I could I would always be there. But places like that are best lived in in my dreams.

Happiness is…. Working your way through James Bond

From Dr No to SkyfallFrom Russia With Love via tonight. For the adults it counts as nostalgia. For the youngsters it is discovering classic movies and a choice of Bonds (not Roger Moore, but the stories are fun: ditto Lazenby. Pierce Brosnan is good but Connery and Craig are co favourites!)

Happiness is…. Making up

My Mum always said never go to sleep on a quarrel. I argue very infrequently but today I got angry about something work related and took it out on my daughter.
Wrong? Yes I know. But we made up and the brownies will be lovely.

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