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Happiness is….. International Jazz Hands Day


Today is International Jazz Hands Day. Joining in is easy, all you have to do is put jazz hands at the end of every sentence? (*jazz hands eagerly*) Do it and I defy you not to end up laughing! *jazz hands*  Any money raised can go to Red Nose Day *jazz hands*
And you can visit the physiotherapist with the inevitable wrist ache tomorrow…… One last time-


Happiness is….. A blog reader

I use Google reader but I’m hankering after Bloglovin just for the name. I use blogs mostly as a cheaper, more relevant and more interactive replacement for magazines. I have my fashion pages like Femme d’un certain age, the book review pages like Annabel’s House of books, craft porn like Attic 24 and thousands of eyecandy sites.  I have sites I flick through and friends I linger over and comment on. It’s a daily pleasure I had lost last year and regained anew this December. No picture: this is on mobile and I can’t do cut and paste!

Happiness is….. Coffee and a book to think about.

I saved my Costa coffee points up and today was the day I cashed them in.

Christmas was well over a month ago but I am so pleased to say that Costa are still selling their gingerbread lattes. I love them, they just ooze winter charm. And so I cleared out my points total and settled down to read a very interesting book.

Be A Free Range Human; Advice on how to escape the 9 to 5 and still pay the bills…. Mmm. An alternative view of work. One that doesn’t mean a regular 9 to 5, a mobile office base and the chance to do something that you love. Indeed, the book shouts it out loud that you MUST do something that you love. As a supply teacher I don’t have job security anyway and I wonder sometimes if I shouldn’t do other stuff to boost my income. I am going to read this very carefully and seriously think things through…..

Website for the book can be found here;

Happiness is…… Planning ahead

Boy oh boy oh boy. Planning what to do to raise money for Red Nose Day 2013. Top idea; a bake off and bake sale at school. Better get the aprons out and read up on decent recipes.

Happiness is…… granny squares

granny square

I spent a pleasant hour or two this morning teaching my Mum how to do an easy granny square. Chain six, treble three, chain three….

My Mum is 71 later this month. She can crochet, or at least she was taught the stitches when she was younger but she always preferred embroidery or dressmaking. Hands that seize up have stopped her from doing anything for a while until she saw this in a shop and bought the first and second editions to refresh her memory. With one needle and one stitch to lose, crochet is a good craft for the elderly… that might be why easy crochet squares are called Granny squares.  I love doing them. They are mindless, repetitive and easy to do while watching TV. And the blankets you make afterwards are really warm and comfortable.

Happiness is….. Crafting with a child.


My natural crafting partner is my daughter who is always open to learning another craft. Her hands are doing the decoupage bowl in the picture above. The triangle of red is my knitting.
I love making things and love a quiet Sunday with nothing on to catch up with some creativity. It calms me and gives me an object of pleasurable pride to look at later.

Happiness is…. catching a small sign of spring on a cold day.

A small sign of spring...


A short cold walk around our local woods.

A path through the woods out to a clear hillside.

A panoramic view over a snow clad Merseyside.

Cold hands, cold feet and a desire to drink hot chocolate.

And my heart was gladdened by the sight of these daffodils, foolishly early, keen to press on with the year.


Happiness is…. a snow day!

My three in the snow Jan 2013

There are few things that cheer the hearts of a teenager more than realising that their school has decided the snow is deep enough to declare a snow day. Putting aside any logistical issues raised by being in two places at once to collect children who may/may not find buses running, I love snow days too. Little days of grace to stop and slow. To look at the bare 2 inches that have caused this hiatus, close all doors, refuse to go out and watch whatever we can find. Oh, but we did go out into the snow first. You have to be really cold to really appreciate the warmth inside.

Happiness is…. Upcycling and candles


I love tealights and I have used glasses or proper tealight holders to display them in the past. After Christmas I wanted a change from the heavily decorated red glasses I had been using. I know using jam jars can be effective so I used my Bonne Maman jars and decorated them using ribbon from my stash and red glass beads from Ebay.


I think they look really effective. Roll on the snow; my fireplace is ready.

Happiness is……. Lunch with a friend

I had a Christmas lunch with a friend. Moules Mariniere with frites. Mmmm. We agreed to eat together instead of giving each other an actual present. An experiential present instead of an actual. And it was lovely to stop for an hour, to chat and eat. Friends are a valuable treasure and make me happy. Thanks, Claire.


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